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Friday, November 21, 2008

Banjir is coming

Banjir is coming..The raining is forever..My friends are keeping me up to date with the progress..
May be I should be going home today if I don't want to be stranded in the floods like last year..Believed me, that was not a nice experience at all, no it was sure not!!.
Being 6 hours out of nowhere, no foods and the kids were restless and tired was not my kind of fun..the cold and damp was sickening.
The worst thing in that situation was when the kids started to say "Mummy, I'v got to go to the toilet now". God,I was panic stricken when my daughter said that..God knows where the hell is the toilet, let alone a decent one..As long as it is a toilet, nothing else matters. So, like it or not, my poor kid make it at the nearby bushes with tears running down her cheeks..Like they say, take it or leave it..I was afraid she was going to leave it and prefer to use the car seats as her toilet..Scary wasn't it??
Today I'm going back to KB. Hope God will have mercy and we will be home in one piece.
Kids, wear the pampers please....

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