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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Teddy bears???

I am on a diet today..Yes! Sure. Promise. This is the thousand time of the year that I thought about dieting. This time it has to be done. I'm sick of people hugging me and telling me that they feel like hugging a teddy bear..how hugable am I...Mind u, that is not a compliment, in another words that is just another way of saying that I have more cushions than I should. You agreed right??( I saw the smile on your face...)
Yesterday a friend of mine told me that her sister, Laili whom I've known so well is also on a diet now..Someone asked her how fat is her sister n she told her that her sister is as fat as I am. What?? God no....!!Laili is huge. Laili is way fatter than me..I remember Laili sharing ice creams and chocolates with me last December when we went for an outing. I remember her telling me that we should stop eating ice creams if we don't want to end up looking like whales..and what I did..??I bought another ice cream for both of us and laugh our heart out..
Thats the last time I saw Laili. May be Laili shrinked to my size, my smaller size comparing to her I suppose...( Some say this is called denial..) Laili wherever u are, let me put it this way..We both are fat ( but u r fatter ) and we have to do something about our extra pounds..God please give us the strength to say 'no' to food.
Last but not least, this Saupi looking for trouble..This mamat make it clear that I am fat, without doubt!!!He told me that as the Aidil Adha is around the corner, the price of 'satu bahagian lembu korban' is really high...if I were to be the 'satu bahagian' mau nya cecah rm400...memang nak kena Saupi ni...!!!!

1 comment:

aG said...

Mamat betul lah saupi ni, ada ke dia kata gitu...... nak kena mamat ni, tunggulah dia ada zuriat dulu....

tapi kan....... apa yang mamat tu kata tidak mengubah apa-apa pun.... tetap s+a+y+a+n+g

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