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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The third mural

Now Minnnie has a friend.
This morning we drew mickey next to Minnie.
The sun was burning on our backs but we managed to proceed.
A few pupils tried to fan away the heat with some newspapers n books.
Thank you dear, we appreciated what you all did.
You didn't want your teachers to melt under the blazing sun.
You do love us all, don't you ???
He he he.... I heard teacher Sheila is going to give all of you a spelling test..
Teacher Normilah is going to make you recite the time table..
As for me, nothing much..just polish your grammar coz afterwards I'm gonna give you some homework..not much, just 50 questions...sikit jer tu...
What do you mean you prefer us to get sick after too much sun??
Awww.....naughty naughty naughty!!!

The murals may not be the best murals in town but we are proud to say that these murals won't be here if there is no team work. Thank you ladies for the most enjoyable time working with you all...Boss, tak kan free kut....Kalau upah mahal ni..Kami tak mintak banyak, belanja Mee udang kat Pasir Mas tu kira ok dahhh...kan Yam?? Dura kata kat New Horizon pun boleh..
As for me, mana2 pun alright, janji dapat makan free..Caaaayang Boss kita!

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