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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Final curtains...

Last day here
Last smile
Goodbye friendship
Goodbye love
Welcome loneliness
silence is here to stay.
Life is about choices
Is about letting go
Holding on is not an option now
Like it or not, I have to let it go.
Stepping forward n looking ahead
Yesterday stays where it should stay
Tomorrow is full of hopes
The sun is still shining
And being tired of jumping over the rainbow,
Dancing in the rain is what I'm going to do.
My tears will be carried away with the rain.
But the memories remain....


Pokok Manggis Depan Rumah said...

Suka baca ni. terima kasih.

muhaini said...

Welcome to the club Hani dear. Its a big step, a huge sacrifice, made out of the purest love on this earth .... A MOTHER'S LOVE!!!! Ja is lucky to have you.

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