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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

U r not kidding, r u???

Do you believe in ghost? My elders son had an encounter with this creature last week..Whether to believe him or not is still a question.
This is the way the story goes..
One silent night or should I say early morning, as my son was returning to his condo, he saw an old man crossing the junction without even looking. As not to be rude, my son just slowed down and stopped his car to make sure the old man can get to the other side of the road.As he stood right in front of my son's car, my son noticed that this old guy's head is too big for a normal man. The thought of meeting a ghost did not pass in his mind until my son noticed the look on that old man's face..he was so pale and grey..with dark empty eyes. his shabby clothes looked like floating and dusty. Shivers crept down my son's spine the moment his mind gave him the signal that this guy looked like a corpse..He was a walking corpse!!.And he disappeared in thin air just like that.Time stood still for a moment.The next thing my son recalled was that he stepped on the gas pedal and in no time was at the front gate gasping for air...Luckily the guards were there and he felt better. I wondered whether he walked or crawled out of his car to the lift..Son, are you sure you were alone in the lift? He did not follow you home? Sure eh?
I just could not imagine how frightened he was..May be he was paler than that zombie at that time, or may be that teaches him a lesson not to come home too late..So son, which one do you prefer, me opening the door with my ever famous free lectures or that sad, spine chilling look of that old man as if saying "Where have u been, I've been waiting for youuuu.." Hehehe..
(The night my son told me this creepy story, I did not even go near the windows and buried myself under the comforters asking God to make the night short because I had to go to the toilet but too afraid to open my eyes and crept out of bed..Sama penakut!!!)

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sheila said...

Ingat yang kat tempat kursus di kesedar inn tu?k.hani tak cukup kaki lari..hehehe

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