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Monday, March 29, 2010

Grow Up Birthday Girl.

Today Iffah is fourteen.
Put aside the toy chest.
You are a year older now

A teenager full of confusions.
A teenager trying to blend in.
You are no longer a cry baby.
Stand up and face the reality.
Grow up girl,think wise.
Be smart in making the right choices

Be brave in taking the right steps.
Hold your head high..
Stand up after every fall.
For God is always listening.
InsyaAllah you will be just fine.

Iffah...We all love you.


umimanja said...

Happy Birthday To Iffah.
May God Bless you always.

najwa said...

happy 14th birthday iffah :)

iffah said...

thx mummy,
i love you(:

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