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Friday, January 2, 2009

I prefer window shopping

Someone told me that he loves fishing..Fishing? The type that uses the fishing rod or the fishing net?..I just can't figure out what is there in fishing that makes they choose fishing as their hobby.

Its time consuming..hours n hours of waiting. I bet waiting for their spouse to buy a single dress is way to long for them and look at them now...sitting n sipping hot coffee without a single grumble...not hours but days...my God, I can never understand u guys!

At the end of the day what did u get? Sometimes not a single catch. It is much easier to just drive ur car to Tesco and bring home a well cleaned, ready to cook fish..Hows that for a change..?

Look at the prices of the fishing equipments....See the space they occupy in the car boot. Isn't it annoying when the whole car smells like fish market..More annoying when u yourself smells like the fish.....

So, still going fishing dear?? Should I invite the whole neighbourhood to our feast tomorrow..'Barbecue fish and sea foods'...Yes, you go fishing and I'll get the fresh supplies from Tesco..as usual!!!

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