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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Dik, u r 19 today.
So, it has been 19 years I'v been telling you to brush your teeth n solat eh?
Or should I go on doing that?
Film box office kat cinema pun ada tempuh ulang tayang jugak...
Since today is your birthday,
Mummy is going to give you the warmest birthday wish of all.
2 in 1 wish..U get free 'tazkirah' as well..
Dik, of all ur siblings, u r the most gifted one.
U r bright and your grades r promising
that was years back...
Now u r being very mischievious..
Very hard to get..
Blame it on ur friends eh?
Mixing with the wrong group?
Nah..., I know u better than that..
Its all up to you
Whether you want to use your head
or you just want to let yourself down..
I really2 wish....
On your birthday
I wish I can stop worrying about u
and ur wellbeings
so will u please stop being too playful,
and get serious with your life,
study smart,
U can do it.
and last but not least,
Mummy loves u n misses u,
berus gigi tu!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

KIMI,,,hepi bday,,basa dia la org capricorn..dah besar baru berjaya,,kecik2 nih kena kutuk demo jah.Lusa cikza plak.

dragon warriors said...

as usual la dik...(may be should change this... sbb dah ada GF) kalu ore tu nama mummy or mama or ummi mesti la terror benar bagi tazkirah...

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