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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am the captain of my ship

It's 3 am..I'm awake and hungry. Last nite no dinner for me because I was so tired and slept early.Reached Ampang late afternoon and sure is happy to be back to my second home.. The 6 hours driving is so tiring for an old body like mine..Although tired, if given a choice, rather be driving than sitting next to a reckless driver!
Now what should I do...Everybody is sleeping. The first thing I noticed as I entered the house last nite was the huge mess.The most eligible bachelor in town had turned this condo into a shipwreck! Since I was too tired I turned a blind eye n now it's the time to start playing my ever famous part-'The Bibik'. The sink is drowning and the dust is everywhere... The washing machine is asking for some mercy, the 4th load now. My son sure knows how to make a mum feels welcome..
Meanwhile may be I should correct my pupils test papers..May be no. Keep that for later. I have the next best thing to do now..Guess what, I am going to do what I don't have the chance to do for so long.......TENGOK TV.. Yes, Yes, Yes!...The remote control is mine, completely mine..No one will change the channel except me..and I got to choose my own favorite channel too..I am 100% in control of the set..Wah, sedap la boleh duduk the best seat u..Right in front of the TV dgn kopi and biskut Ping pong lagi..Shyyy!!! Let them sleep a little longer.... God, this is heaven!!

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