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Friday, February 27, 2009

Its not that easy

This is something someone said to me.
The process of healing only begins when you start forgiving the person that makes you hurt beyond words. The terrible heart pains, the regrets and the feeling of unappreciated will soon go away the minute you forgive and accept the facts that humans do make a mistake.
It will not be easy but take a small step each day trying to believe in yourself that you can forgive if you want to.
The only problem with you is you keep on telling yourself not to forgive and forget
After sometime the hurt develops into a huge pile of revenge.
This does not help you at all, it will only add up more pressure, stress, anger, rage and who will be most affected by those negative feelings?? YOU.
Choose to forgive although to forget takes more courage than ever..
You too make mistakes...so, please for your own good, just make an effort to let go of the burden you are carrying and life will be much happier.
God have mercy,
May God bless you.

You are absolutely right!!
It is easy for you to say that
You do not know what I've gone through
You are not in my shoes
You can't imagine how it is to be betrayed
to be rejected, to be unappreciated
You don't know how hard it is when the one you love most,
is the one that stabbed you from behind.
You do not have any idea how stressful it is
to be humiliated so inhumanly..
Yes, I need to mend my broken heart
Yes,I can forgive a thousand times
but to forget takes extra courage.
You are so right, people change.
I do too
God knows, I do, I do, I do..

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