Tetamu yang sentiasa memeriahkan laman saya..TQ

Saturday, November 22, 2014

This N3 is for U dear anonymous

Who ever you are
Where ever you are
Deep from my heart, thank you.
Everytime I feel like breaking down
Your moral support keeps me in one piece.
I do not know you
Or may be you are someone I know but choose to be unidentified.
Never mind, you have the right to be like that.
I just want to thank you, thats all.
To tell you that I read your comments over n over..
Your presence at the end of my emotional entries makes me feel someone out there understands.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


Kakcik Nur said...

Kata-kata - ia bisa mendamaikan dan ia juga bisa membunuh... :)

Anonymous said...

i wrote the comment yesterday. are you referring to me? can you tell which comments are mine. yes I have on few occasions left my comments. i have been following since you and family had to deal with this greatest trial. i gather great lessons from your trials and i want to try and offer some encouraging words. you do not know me but if HE wills, nothing is impossible.

Granny Hani said...

Yes You are the one that I am refering to.
Allah Hu Akhbar, you are here again.
Thank you God.

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