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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My woman.

Batwoman?No no no...
She is her.
Growing up in front of my eyes,
Sometimes behind my back too..
She makes me laugh and cry.
At times, She makes me confuse too.
She lights up my life with her presence.
She is the reflection of me, my yesterdays, yesteryears.
Sometimes she is so energetic that nothing can stop her..
Sometimes she breaks down and cry..
Sometimes she is head over heels for something.
sometimes she just couldn't care less..
She is nothing special to others
But she means the world to me...
My everything.
She is Saidatul Hafeeza.
She is Saidatul Afifah Auni.
She is Saidatul Anis Qistina.
Never mind, you all don't have to be Superwoman or what not,
Just be yourself.
My daughters.

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