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Thursday, September 11, 2008

11th ramadhan..Meeting?

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I attended a staff meeting today...God, that was sooooooo boring that I almost fell asleep. Just imagine in the middle of the day, fasting and just finished a strings of classes...letih you!
What I did during the meeting? Well, I couldn't even focused on the agendas let alone make a presentation..I just sat there staring blankly at the chairman and I knew he was reading my mind..At times I thought about what to cook today for the breaking of fasting..At times I envied my colleague who dozed off right in front of everyone without feeling guilty..Really this is too much, I couldn't forced my eye lids to stop shutting down and looked what I wrote in my diary..even worst than the doctors handwriting..That was it, I got to find ways to keep me wide awake. Guess what, somebody cracked a joke..a silly joke that made everybody laughed out loud..Phew! that was the medication I needed desperately...TQ friend for the joke. Did you see the annoying looked that the chairman gave you??I wished you have the guts to do it again next time...

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