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Friday, September 26, 2008


Tomorrow my son is coming back for the 'Aidilfitri'. In fact everybody who has somebody back home is coming back to the arms of the love ones..It is nice to have a place to go back to. A place called home. No matter how bad our home is to the eyes of others, but home is where the heart belongs..The familiar smell, the air, the sound and the memories hold up the place together. Home for me is where I grew up, got my early education and learnt by my mistakes..those were the days..not to say that everything was like icing on the cake...there were hard times, there were broken hearts and hatred too..Memories are made of these things...So make this 'Aidilfitri' special by coming back home...Look at the memories that we left behind. Don't you feel like choking with tears every time you see the same old guava tree that you used to climb or watching those worn out furniture being put in the far corner of the house..those once upon a time settee that your mum won't even let you come closed to it let alone sat on it as in those days settees were meant for the comfort of the guest only. Remember the pinch your mum gave you right in front of everyone whenever you crossed your limits?One thing for sure, those strict upbringings make me what I am today. Anyway, welcome back son. I don't care whether you are going to break all the furniture or bring the house down..by all means.Just promise me you will be here whenever the 'Syawal' creeps in and together we will paint memories for you to pass on to your children.......'Salam Aidilfitri' everybody.May God bless all of you.

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