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Monday, September 29, 2008

Masjid baru

Yes! Yes! Yes!...Niat nak bina masjid ni..I'm trying to match make this guy I know with this lady,whom I've known for ages. This guy really need someone nice and motherly to take care of him and his kids..Just recently, he was turned down by someone he really hope to spend his life with and he was devastated...My heart goes to him. He came to me, teary eyed one evening and from the way he looked I know he needed to be loved and cared and I just can't imagine who on earth has the heart to hurt someone like him. In his sunny days we used to share jokes and laughed out loud,bursting our lungs out and went on laughing at the same jokes for days..He is a fine gentleman and used to dress up in fine and proper dressing according to functions. Enough about him, now its about her..She is my friend, her broken heart needs to be mended. She is alone and lonely. She is a tough woman handling her own business and a sweet, kind and motherly type.Been married once but her ex hubby was abusive and the marriage failed.Good for her coz it hurts to see her black and blue face all the time...so now, God please make this easier for me. I am arranging a date for them and please please God help me to bring them together....Niat baik di bulan baik ni..harap2 dapat keberkatan. We choose but God decides..

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