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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I don't want to be here.

Thursday. Esuk weekend for us in Pantai Timur.So, otak dah mula fikir camna nak habiskan weekend ni without wasting a minute of it by sitting doing nothing. May be I'll just drive to Cameroon Highlands and enjoy the stay for a nite. May be I'll just take a flight to KL and be with my kids..May be I'll just go somewhere....Am I running away from something? No, of course not. I am just sick of spending the weekends alone, hoping for somebody to keep me company, waiting for unexpected guest, unplanned happenings and staring at empty walls around me...and the hset is cold and silent..always like that. So, I am not going to be here like a dummy. Yes, I am going somewhere..Where? Do you have any ideas???

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Tok Ngah said...

Looks like going to CH is a better option as now is not a peak period. It will be too bz during school holidays. Just stay up there and watch the clouds pass by.

Lagi pun, don't think you'll get a ticket to KL at this juncture.

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