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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My beloved pupils...

I walked into the classroom..Silence was in the air. After the usual 'good morning' greetings I walked straight to my desk to take the attendance.
I heard voices, but as I rose my head the sound faded..I continued doing my routine work n I noticed that the pupils were talking about something secretive n confidential I supposed..lots of whispering and curious looks.
Yes I've got it. They were talking about me and my blog. Someone read my blog and had passed around the news to the whole class..Well, should I consider that as a compliment?
Now the whole class just couldn't wait to go home and meet their teacher on the net.
I then told them to ask permissions from their parents first before browsing my blog and make sure not to spend too much time on the net.

Someone even asked me when will I write about him and if I were to write about him, he is willing to pose specially for the blog...
Kids are so innocent and that touches my heart. I made a promise to them, be good and one day I will surely add an article specially dedicated to them.
TQ kids you made me feel like I've won the noble prize in writing.
By the way...Aiman, stop reading my blog now and do your homework!!!!!!!!

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