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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ini kata hati saya, mungkin tak semua orang setuju, tapi saya yakin ini terbaik buat saya.

Selepas acap kali kalah dalam acara sebelumnya,
Pengalaman mengajar saya untuk tidak sertai apa apa pertandingan lagi.
Tak berbaloi.
Tidak suka terlibat dalam apa apa pertandingan.
Kalau dah rasa terpaksa bersaing, lebih rela tidak ambil bahagian
dalam pertandingan itu..
Tak sukakan kekalahan sebenarnya.
Takut pada kemungkinan ribut perasaan kalau kalah nanti.
Lebih baik tumpu pada acara yang tidak ada peserta lain yang terlibat.
Menang tanpa bertanding gitu.
Selesa begitu.
Kadang tu kalau terpaksa bersaing jugak,
buat2 tak kisah sambil menunggu masa sesuai untuk menarik diri...
Mencari cari ruang untuk keluar secara terhormat,
atau keluar secara diam diam...asal dapat boloskan diri.
Tak suka dijadikan perbandingan.
Kalau pun bakal bergelar johan, tidak mau begitu.
Jadi, lebih baik jangan bertanding lagi.
Dalam kehidupan pun begitu juga..
Jika saya rasa saya terpaksa mengejar cinta,
Bertanding, bersaing...
Menjual harga diri hanya untuk di sayangi?
Tak payah laa...
Tak hingin saya.


Anonymous said...

Tak faham buah butil sebenarnya. Tapi lambung buah dadulah. Dapat jawapannya! Itulah yang sebaik-baiknya, makcu setuju...

hani@debumelukut said...
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hani@debumelukut said...

jgn risau...x terlibat dgn org2 vyg makcu kenal pun..ini nasihat untuk seorang teman atau lebih tepat, saya ni jadi batu api ni...hehehe

Anonymous said...

We did something for our own satisfaction or maybe because it was our responsibility to carry out the task.You are not selling your pride by competing to get the love.YES!,you have to fight for your right,to love and to be loved and to stand against those who are trying to snatch away the love from you.Love can conquer all and most of the time kindness will conquer love.Show your kindness towards other people not because you have to but because you want to.If the definition of love is raising the needs and desires of another to the level of our own, then kindness implies an ability to weigh these needs in every interaction with people.Ceknin..,jealousy makes other people hate us and consequently driving them to take away the happiness from us.The first assassination on earth took place due to jealousy and devils were chased away from heaven because of the same reason.I would certainly feel the same if I were in your shoes and maybe I wont be able to accept the fact at all even it had happened long time ago.There was a time when I looked at you and I felt how I wish I could be as nice as you.The way you treat others makes me think of myself.Am I strong enough to be like you?.As far as I can see,you dont have to compete at all.You already have family who can understand you very well and you are living a good life.Ceknin,to be in the presence of another person who accepts us as we are, gives us the benefit of the doubt, cares what we think, and assumes we will act generously is an immensely gratifying experience.

Picture the alternative. In the presence of one disposed to kindness you will notice an absence of guile, an ability to listen, and a disinclination to compete. If you can reciprocate, you will experience a growing feeling of safety and trust. You may find yourself disclosing things about yourself that you have previously been at pains to conceal fears and vulnerabilities. The need for self-protection drops away as does the requirement to appear to be something other than you are. You feel, paradoxically, a growing satisfaction with yourself combined with a desire to become a better person. You feel that a great burden has been lifted from you. You are, at last, good enough. In fact, the image of yourself that you see reflected in your loved one's eyes may be nearly perfect. You would like this moment to last forever. Imagine that and feel free if you want to treat me for typing all these stuff ..hehehe

hani@debumelukut said...

Thanks dear..you make me cry reading what you wrote..
well, name the place and time.Hehehehee...

Anonymous said...

Well, you dont have to worry about that since you already treat me a lunch that day but it would be my pleasure to have it again.hehe..

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