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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


SELAMAT HARI RAYA. 1st of Syawal..Today I'm celebrating raya without Along, Ja and Wan. There's a hollow feeling inside but what to do, its not their choice either. But they made an effort to call me just now and hearing their voices makes me miss them even more.Along, you won't be the first one to taste my 'Spaghetti bolognise' which is your favorite and Ja n wan, I am making your 'Banana bread n butter pudding' just the way you like it. Don't worry about who's going to do the eating for you..Kimi is here,ever willing to solve the problem any time at all.
This morning, before going to the mosque, everybody dress up in their best new 'Raya outfits'. this year the colour theme is yellow (Along decided on this).Wow! We really look more yellow that expected..not the kind of yellow that the royals used to wear but more towards the 'Kunyit' yellow..Never mind, at least we are different and I can spot my clan from a distance.. Kimi you should change the 'Sampin', that yellow 'Sampin' is too much, try black instead. Kimi, hello? Up to you ,its just an opinion and you have the right not to take notice..But don't tell me if somebody might come to you asking for a celcom card..Hehehe..I will only say, I told you so son....
Here, we gather at my mother in law's place, a place where no thin person is in sight. Not eating is a sin here...And the worst mistake is to admit that you are on a diet..See how they respect your dieting era...I bet in not more that 5 mins, you'll be eating more than before you start dieting..and look at their faces..success!!!Being here at this time of the year,almost everybody present in this big family gathering means eating, exchanging thoughts, sharing experiences concerning bibiks, husbands, kids, friends, mother in laws n what not, comparing ideas, outfits, handbags, shoes, off springs, cars, houses, success, gossiping about failures, disappointments, heartbreaks, betrayal, loses, and the best part is feeling that this is where I belong.Yes, sometimes we do have ups and downs like they say 'Carik2 bulu ayam...'
So, in this spirit of celebration, I scan the room..searching for my kids..yes, right there in 'kunyit' kurung..see at least when you wear a colour theme it is easier to spot which kid belongs to who...and why is that guy in 'kunyit baju melayu' seems unfamiliar?? Oh I see ..He is the guest. What? And why is he wearing my colour?? huhuhuuu.. Next year we will choose something extra different,,,like the Ninjas may be..??
This is a Hari raya wish for all of you out there;

Sempena SYAWAL yang penuh berkat ini,
ku pohon pada mu ya allah,
muliakanlah dan sayangilah saudara ku ini,
rahmati keluarga nya,
sihatkan lah tubuh badan nya,
berkati rezekinya,
terimalah segala ibadahnya
dan dekatlah ia dengan kebaikan.

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