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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Iffah, please give mommy a call.
Mommy is worried sick about you.
Along called now n then asking about you
He went to see you the other day but you were not there
He is afraid that u might have been abducted by the aliens
He brought along your new uniform and gave it to one of your friends.
After reading your comment on my blog, I know you are alive n kicking.
Thank God..you scared the hell out of us..
Don't forget to call k..
You should get the details of your flight ticket.
And Iffah, do take good care of urself.
Grow up!!!

1 comment:

iffah said...

mummy,i've been quarantine at the quarantine bay.doctor syak kito ado gapo jenis nyakit nge kawe kito sore..kito keno ambik daroh lepas tu pakai gas hok dio letok mulut...sedap mummy, cumo pening sikit ah..kito tok sedar gapo satu masa along mari,loni make pun tok selero sangat..nok ngidam lakso pinang nanti balik..mummy masak lakso pinang kito buleh..nok..lamo tok make mummy masok..

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