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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Living history

My mum wishing her mum, (my granny, the only roots of our family tree that is still here ) Happy Mothers Day

Its nice to be back in the old home town of Pasir Puteh.This is where my Roots are. My great grandfather was the merchant somewhere from china. As I have been told, our anchestors were the Hainan people which is known for their pleasant mannered and good well being..But I wondered why was that our great grandfather turned out to be a pirate.?.One of the most furious pirate in his time.Never mind, may be he is one of the bad apple in the sack..
He came to this country in a big ship that was known as'Beda'.I imagine him looking like the pirates of the Caribbean..One eyed and a hook like The Captain Cook! God no, he was not like that. May be he was more like The Kung Fu master..Whatever!
The people of Pasir Puteh was some what poor at that time and got nothing to eat. (I wonder what happened to 'Padang Pat Amat' the vast Padi field??) So much so, my great grandfather offered them a good deal..Food for gold..He sure knows what he was doing..Loads of gold exchanged hands..So next time u see me with huge gold chains around my neck and bangles, there should be no questions asked.
To make the story short (as I can feel some one's keyboard is going to be a head rest..), at last he decided to stay for good. I assume some Malay maiden captured his heart..Romantic aint it?? Somebody said that he put a sword at that poor girl's neck, or her father's..No statistic,not important. The important part is that is how we get the complexion and the slanting eyes..not me of course. I am the luckier one, getting the fair complexion without the looks..Hhehehe..
Yesterday we paced the town of Pasir Puteh with my mom non stopping reciting the history like a book..I met a few relatives and had a nice time listening to the latest updates about who's who, who passed away, who got married who eloped???shyy!! I should keep the skeleton in the closet,shouldn't I.....

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