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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dr mehmet C Oz says.....

My Ayah Jie was here yesterday. He gave me this book..tq, tq, tq. Giving this book is a moral support but going from one place to another searching for what to eat is not...U nearly ruined my dieting programme..
Ayah Jie is going on a biking tour again? Do I hear London to Paris??Go ahead, I Know it means a lot to you.As long as you both r happy. Being your what u called 'mischievous Niece' is enough to make me happy....Ayah Jie, if u r reading this, convey my warmest regards to Auntie Yam@ Makcik Power gitu...Tq again for the book.

It is written in this book.......... If you're thin, then you believe that fat people must be doing something wrong to make them fat. But if you're fat then you blame the environment,your genetics or any thing else... Wow! this is sooooooooooo true. ( I nearly sue Kak Wok the Nasi berlauk vendor, Ros the Chocolate cake supplier, Yap the Heavy Breakfast usher and my mother in law for her 'hard to resist' menus)


wanisan said...

I m sure by next week yr waistline will be reduced by at least a few cms lagi. Then bila u kat KL bolih kita gi makan mehdy lamb.
U know me ler .... I enjoy food so in order to stay healthy I cycle n eat. Semalam we cycled from p Chepa to tumpat. On the way back hd Nasi berlauk ayam kampung goreng at cabang 4. Then we went to PCB Lepas tu baru balik P Chepa. Total mileage abt 43km. Total calories burned 1325cal. Calories input maybe 1500cal. Nasib baik kedai2 mee udang galah tutp - ayam percik Pasir mas tutup n Nasi kampung rantau panjang pun tutup. Kah x 3.
This morning makcik power cycled to KGB (kamp ghafar baba) from our house with 2 other ladies. For me tak cekat doh sebab semalam kena urut by pak Su mat of kg Pasir kasar - sakit wei dia urut.

hani@debumelukut said...

I sit here all day n this is the only way i burnt my calories..heheeheeee

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