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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Which type are you??

When you need a shoulder to turn to, who will be there for you?
Will it be your office mate? Your siblings? Your sweetheart? Or will it be a stranger that you barely know?
Well, whoever it is..He/She is a friend that will listen to you, be with you, understands you and willing to sit there with you without looking at the time repeatedly as if you spoiled his/her precious moments. What about those people that spell it out clear that they have way to much problem themselves and you are and excess baggage...Wow! What a friend...
I rather be alone than having friends like that. Some just turn to you when they are in trouble,expecting you to be there for them all the time, expecting you to be a shoulder to cry on and they just forget your existence once they are in better shape..Of course he/she is using you and you being the stupid one is too blinded by his/her sweet talks and go on assuming that he/she needs you...No! you are not needed, you are merely being used...DOORMAT..Shame on you!
But don't ever forget the 'true friends'...You remember his name whenever you feel you needed a friend.You remember him/her whenever you have a joke to share..Even remembering his/her smile makes you feel better already. He/She never fail to come to the rescue. Never fail to answer your S.O.S messages..Never fail to listen.He/She will make sure that you get all the support..He/She may not stands out in a crowd, but he/she will never leave you alone.
Right now I wish I have one like this one.....

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