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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch out Kids!!!

5th of Ramadhan. Another 25 days to go...but the sound of fire crackers are popping everywhere. let alone the home made kind..u know, the one that never fail to make a few youngsters lose a finger or two. They called it 'Meriam buluh'. No more made of bamboos now, they prefer the better version- the steel poles or what not. May be the difference is that you lost more fingers using the new version..or may be an eyeball too...Well kids, don't forget that those body parts r given to u just once..no spare part!
So next time you feel like you just needed one or two finger less, just tell me, let me chop it off. Less pain may be. I promise I'll use some pain killer first. Deal?
( God, I'm really sick of the 'Dam Dam dum')

1 comment:

maiyah said...

salam.. kat umah sy pun bebudak ni tak gheti bahasa bila kita tegur umah kita plak nak dimeriamkan

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