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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wasting my time

Buzy ek?
Ok ok I get it.
I really get sick of buzy people.
Sick Sick Sick.
Everybody is buzy.
I am too.
But I am never too buzy for my love ones.
I suppose buzy is only an excuse.
Well, for those buzy people out there.
Just watch out.
Someday I will be too buzy for you too.
Way to buzy to even remember your name.
Let alone to be your friend.
Am I mad at someone?
Bet I am...
I am not thinking of erasing your number,
I am erasing you out of my life.


pakmat said...

..a hasty decision, cikgu..everyone deserved 2nd chances..including you..:) so, spare that eraser..

DrSam said...

some just pretending to be busy or busying themselves looking busy.


Sallam, yeaa.. bz is the very popular excuse.....

aG said...

Heheheeeee....... pink bottle pun ada jugak?

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