Tetamu yang sentiasa memeriahkan laman saya..TQ

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yup, this is her alright.

Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind this successful woman there are five men. With 4 boys and a loving hubby she rules her planets not forgetting every single orbit..At least not yet. Her boys turned out to be fine gentlemen n they are her everything. Everything.
Keeping her profile low at all time but now I know that inside, there is a strong woman that is strong enough to be there for everybody to be beneath her wings and feel safe.
Sis, sometimes however strong an eagle spread her wings, she need to stop and give her wings a break or one day she might never fly again..........but I know you will always fly even without wings.
This is Sukrinah that I know, my sister.


DrSam said...

you are blessed have one great sister.

nik nazlyne said...

elin suka sikap keibuan dia yg lembut...(mama garang syyyy!)

sukrinah said...

TQ sis, thanks for everything. It's a great honour and a big blessing for me to be ur sister. U're always my sunshine. To elin, my dear niece, TQ (ur mum "garang" b'cos she loves u so much).

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