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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2nd day at work

2nd day in school.
Too much work, to many things to do but too little time.
The numbness of my hands are not helping at all.
This is not me , not at all
People who know me well, know how I used to be.
Not like this.
I myself hate me for this.
Please Ticer Hani, gather up yourself.
Move forward, stand tall.
Feeling sorry for yourself is not helping at sll.
Sitting in a corner,sulking like a child is so parthatic.
Be the old you.
When they pat your back and give you a hug,
smile and tell them,
"I will be alright...With the help of God, I will be just fine."
and please.....
Don't cry.
Sorry, but this is how I am right now.

1 comment:

aidaina said...

salam, auntie..

moga Ja dan auntie sekeluarga diberi kesihatan dan kekuatan dalaman yang tak berkurang dalam menghadapi ujian Allah ini.

siape jage Ja mase auntie mengajar di sekolah? ade nurse datang? auntie ade maid? just nak tau.

Salam Maal Hijrah..

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