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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ja, gather urself up..

Dear girl, I know u r upset n I know u r mad over something..I know nothing that I say will solve your problems..but listen, if it takes the world to ease ur burdens I will not have second thoughts. But girl, the problem u are facing now is not from the outside..It is just a matter of how u see things.Am I not wrong if I were to say that you are making things worst for you by being too worried..u think to much dear and what u r thinking are more nonsense than real. U hv better things to focus on and let God decide what is the best for u..Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst..Life goes on and this little ups and down that will make u strong. success is not having no failure at all but it is the way we stand up and move on after every fall that really counts. Dearest daughter, just remember..We all love n you are never alone.I am always here for u to turn to. I wish u all the hapiness in the world,may God bless u.Every cloud has a silver lining and in fact your cloud has gold glitters in it..So, take a step at a time n I'm sure u can make it. INSYAALLAH.


ariffinsalleh said...

Yes.. listen to yr mother. Tiap musibah ada hikmahnyerr.

pja said...

thank you mummy..i love you!!

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