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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Have u ever heard of the word 'HAPPY'? Sure do....the perceptions of happiness in life differs from one person's view to another. What I'm trying to tell u out there is what happiness means to me. My kind of happiness.
I am a person who find happiness in being able to do what I like best and being able to avoid things I hate...In relationships, I find happiness in loving someone who love me too in returned. Caring for someone who never fails to be there when ever I need a shoulder to cry on..The feeling of belonging and having a special part in someones heart is true happiness.
Apart from that, happiness means the power of health. Just think of waking up all fresh n kicking, so eager to greet the new day..No headache, no aching here n here...so energetic and physically fit to face new challengers in life. Think about that..
Wealth is also a form of happiness which people seems to deny..I'm not being a
hypocrite here..For me wealth is the wrapping around the parcel of all happiness..Who on earth could think of being happy if in sickness there's no medication, in hunger but food is scarce, in the mood of celebrating love but there is not an extra cash just to contribute to the mood????Money sure talks...just listen.
Last but not least, being in the blessings of God is the core to all happiness. I really hope that God will always takes cake of me and with God's
guidance, I will move on because God knows what is the best for me. THANK YOU GOD!!!

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