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Friday, October 31, 2008

A taste of freedom

My friend from Putrajaya is here today. From the sparkle in her eyes I know she is enjoying herself. She told me she needed a break so here she is minus the family..Hahaha! How's that for a change..Last year I did this alone..Guess what, out of the blue, I came up with the idea of being a runaway but with cash of course..
I took a flight to one major city not telling anybody about it.I found my way around and managed to land in a decent hotel. Boy, that was brave of me since I am usually very dependent. I myself couldn't imagine my surprised knowing that I did survive without depending on others.
That gave me a moral boost! It sure gave me wicked ideas too...What if I choose not to depend on anybody at all any
longer??What if I take a big step forward and never turning back?
One of these days I have to do something to improve my life, my heart breaking life. Just sitting and counting my regrets sure is not helping..I need to move on.So, this is my first step and the next one is coming soon...real soon!

This is a new me in the making...Better watch out for more surprises..You can never guess whats in the package any longer. Don't take me for granted like what people have been doing all my life time..If you think you can read me like a book..., well, now you don't!!

( By the way son, I am sorry if I scared the hell out of you, you are the only creature on earth who was worried sick of my absence..Thank you, I know you love me son and I love you too..but you know me better than that do you?? That's my son.)

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