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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I had a nice time..That's what matters.

The way to someone's heart is thru his/her tummy..That is so right.To me it sure is.
Wan called the other night. Dinner on the house.He came after Maghrib and the three of us went to dine somewhere at the outskirt of Kota Bharu. Kimi, Wan and I.
As always I prefered to order something western and so did the both of them.The service was quite slow but it did not matter at all since we were not in a hurry..I loved the interior decorations and the artistic value was great..New style and ideas..Thumbs up.
But Wan was not happy with the food,neither was Kimi. Well boys, as for mummy the taste or what not is just a small matter. Just let us brush it off our shoulder and have a nice time..Wan, mummy thank you for the thought and mummy care less about other things..I am honoured, really!
I'll be glad to go again if you ever asked me out..You can keep my words.Should we cross out the name of this venue from our list?? Hahahaaaa....With an appetite like mine, you will need a long list...Last but not least, Thank you from my heart for making me proud to be a mum.TQ son.

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