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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Come n join me..

This is something that I do almost everyday here.
So nice to be in the pool.
Exercise? No, not that.
I never swim for that reason.
I swim because in water I feel free.Like a fish.
Or maybe like a whale, blue whale..hikhikhihkkk..
Come swim with me.
Join me here.
Here its like surrounded by gardens.
The scenery is great.
I am wasting time posing here n there.
bye, got to jump in now.


maiyah said...

kalo sy yg swim.. sah le tenggelam

HASNAH said...

bestnyer!! sesekali teringin cam hani..berenang..free di lautan...

chekgu BaniHassim said...

baru je lepaskan geram swimming kat PD...
lame tak swim...

best kan?

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