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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meeting my beloved pupils.

Going back to KB today just for the sake of having to teach the year 5/6 pupils, extra class that is.Bukan sekali, more than once.
As long as the pupils are concern, by hook or by crook we teachers have to make it.
Distance is not an excuse.
MC tak laku.
Although financially it costs me Nearly 200 bucks for the air fare(to n fro), it means nothing comparing to the work satisfaction I get when my pupils give me a 'Thank you Cicer' at the end of the lesson.
But what I hate most are those who simply don't turn out for the class...Senang2 ponteng.
Cikgu yang lebih semangat nak ngajar dari anak murid ..
Well kids, ( and parents too. please make sure your kids can make it) be there in my class tomorrow k....
Or you know what is going to be like when this teacher gets upset...
Ok, promise. There will be something for ur sweet tooth, from KL, for all of u that will be there in my class...Nak tak??
Bukan bribe lah.
Sapa kata jadi cikgu senang?
Susah woiiii...!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

madam gold said...

Ya lah hani.Kalau dia orng tak appreciate tak taulah.Teacher dtng ngan kapalterbang semata-mata utk kelas tambahan.Bawa goodies lagi.You better be ready kids!

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