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Monday, December 7, 2009


It's a secret.
I must zip up my mouth.
I must not say a word about it.
But this thing called 'The secret' is making me restless.
It is jumping up n down in me.
Sometimes it is dancing in my mouth,
nearly making me throw up
n let it spill all over the place.
No! I can't do that.
Shut up n seal my mouth n brains too?
Why the hell did you tell me this secret on the first place?
See what you have done..
I am sleepless in Ampang,
Next time I prefer not to know k.
I hate secrets.


maiyah said...

biar berlumut rahsia tu.. hehe rahsia ttp rahsia syyyyyyy

♥chentatiku♥ said...

biar pecah di perut jgn di mulut :)

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