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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good morning Pakcik Ya

His name is Pakcik Ya.
He is a father to a doctor, an engineer, a teacher and a government officer.
A loving husband to a very lucky lady.
Pakcik Ya is a pensioner who does not know to sit still.
He is a warm hearted man with a smile to greet everybody that crosses his way.
He works as a gardener here in my school.
Good at his work, very dedicated.
At home he is also a barber.
Almost every kid in school get that nice haircut, done by him.
Why does he take the trouble to continue working, where as he should be enjoying his days as a pensioner?
Because he loves it!
Loves to be sweaty and dirty, running around the school compound, doing this n that.
Believe it or not,
His children try to stop him from being what he is but it is just useless.
He never listens.
I salute you Pakcik Ya.

1 comment:

wan ramadhan said...

Bertuah Pok cik Ya...teringat pok cik hok dok tuper masjid pasir tumboh dlm paper kemarin....

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