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Friday, January 22, 2010

I am OK

I am sitting here alone.
Like always.
The difference is that today I am alone but I am not lonely.
I choose to be alone today.
I wanted to have the whole day to myself.
I am having a nice time, yes I am.
Sitting here enjoying my time,my space and my own privacy.
Who needs a company?
I don't.

Yesterday it was different.
I was among the crowds
Why did I feel so alone then?
Where as I should be enjoying myself.
I really don't know.
May be loneliness was there.

Now I know
It's not about being alone
It's about the feeling of loneliness
when you are lonely,
you will feel the loneliness
even if you are in a crowd.
But when you are not,
Although you are alone,
you will be just fine.
Like today,
I am perfectly fine.


Anonymous said...

i believe...Fridays is a day full of Blessings.
Good day sis.

maiyah said...

camtu kot yg slalu jd gak kat sy

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