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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Panadol? asprin? Whatever...

When my daughter called this afternoon asking,
"Are you alright Mummy?"
I wish I can just say,
"No, I am not.
I have a terrible headache.
I am aching all over.
I am fatigue.
I am tired.
I was sleepless almost every other nights
I woke up feeling like a zombie..
I am feverish, yes I am".
But I can't say that.
I am not trying to make her worried
I am not spoiling myself by being such a crybaby.
I have to be on my feet.
There are piles of work waiting for me in school.
I will never let myself be sick.
At least not now.
One more Panadol for tonite please.

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Be cool cikgu, selamat bertugas semula..dah 2 hari yek...

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