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Monday, September 28, 2009

I am fine, TQ

I am happy.
Always happy.
I want to look happy.
I want to be happy.
I want people to know me as a happy and jovial person.
Am I in trouble?
Do I have problems?
Of course I do.
But I have no intention of discussing my troubles and problems in public.
I am still strong and
I can still move forward if it matters.
I try hard at all time to keep everything to myself.
Life goes on
May be luck is not on my side,
but I am an optimist.
Think positive.
I will survive.
I share only the joys and laughter.
not the tears and the sufferings.
I believed that no matter how
No one can solve my problem and make things better
except God.
Until then, please stop asking whats wrong with me.
because my answer will always be
I am fine,TQ.


ybs said...


A love too srong to die said...

(sajak ini hasil ilham teman dedaun kering)

Musim ini musim luruh
Bersama angin meniupkan kesengsaraan
Daun-daun terkulai beribu
Semangat jua begitu

Musim ini bunga malu tersipu
Harumnya diganti bau kering daun
Semua lemah
Semangat jua begitu

Musim ini usah lagi langit berair mata
Menitiskan butir pilu
Ah langit juga membisu
Semangat jua begitu

Berlalulah musim ini
Tinggallah ketulan putih melata
Biar kesucian menghampar tanah gersang
Dan semangat jua begitu

hani@debumelukut said...

so u are in a place far away frm home eh? take care and let experience be the teacher.

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