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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My unfinished business.

Phew! So many things to be done, so little time left..But still have time to make some new entries eh? Hehehe..Take 5.
Well, This is something I always enjoy doing..The wedding preparations. The laces n the bits, the ribbons n the floral arrangements..small2 things that might mean a lot. Memories.
I remember doing this part of the job to almost everybody I love..still doing it now but not for long. Why? My carpal tunnel left hand is too much too bear. I am a left handed person and not being able to use my left hand is heart breaking..Sometimes I just ignored the pain and proceed as long as I can managed.The only problem is that when my hand gets numb, I kinda marked myself with the hot glue pistol because I can't control my hand...
My Anis thinks it is funny as my fingers look like I am having chicken pox..reddish due to burns here n there.
Since this is for 'Makdik', I do not mind at all and even enjoys every part of it. Don't worry Makdik, soon you will see the final result..Hope you like it.


gusarsayu said...

kita serupa...left handed dan sakit tangan!

hani@debumelukut said...

sakit jiwa dan perasaan jugak..hheheee

maiyah said...

salam.. wah kak bleh wat bebarang pengantin

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