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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Panas Pagi

I was at the market ..As early as possible to beat the crowd. I was looking for some curry leaves..I got some and head to the sundry store just to buy a pack of macaroni.There was this lady,the owner of the shop, looking into my basket and something that she said nearly make me turned red (grow two wicked horns and a satanic tail on the spot)
She was saying..."Apa lah ore lo nih, nok tane daun kari pun malah, pah tu duk main beli lah,daun pandan pun beli? letak tepi longkang pun hidup..Kito tok rajin beli benda gitu-bazir.."
Translation: Why you so lazy a, can't even plant that?

Haah? She said that? Yup!
Just becoz this is the holy month of Ramadhan I forgave her for being like that..
I smiled and said nothing.
Then she continued" Rempah Sate segera yang dah siap ada ni, Mek nok ko..?
"Tok se lah makcik, saya tak main yg segera2 nih, semua saya giling sendiri!"
Haaa....ternganga orang tua tu...................

The moral of the story
Next time tak nak dah pegi kedai tuh..

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