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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The truma faced by the poor thing...

For the second time.
It came again, this uninvited guest.
Black and a nearly meter long.
Mr Snake was there near the drain, just a few steps away from our main entrance.
Bibik was there too, screaming her lungs out.
And so was I. Screaming.

And so was my other half!
Panicking and Ordering me to shut all the entrance, doing nothing except giving orders
"Call 911,call the neighbours,call this, call that..."
There he was, sitting at the end of the room with his legs on the chair, curling like a millipede

And the snake took off...Too disturbed by the warm welcome.
(Did I mention earlier that my hubby is terrified of snakes? I think his screams bothers Mr Snake a lot...)

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