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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I told you so..

God I hate it when people said this ..
As if they are looking forward to have the last laugh.
My mother never seems to forget to say this at the end of every lecture series.
My elder sister is becoming like mum more n more each every day.
My hubby sometimes uses this 'I told u so' as a way to prove that he is right. Yup, always right!
My kids use it to make me realised that time moves fast and I am getting old...and senile??(not yet..)
My friends never forget to point out that I am in deep trouble by saying this every time I make a mistake which I always do. Wonder why eh?
It really gets on my nerve..I feel like punching who ever says that on my face again.
Ops!!!...got to go, I shouldn't have eaten that sour mango..it gives me a terrible stomachache. Always..
Did I hear someone somewhere said ' I TOLD YOU SO....' ?


queensyams said...

nice one. jemput dtg my blog, kalau sudi, follow terus ye!! Thks

hani@debumelukut said...

sure...In fact i like ur blog so much.Cam sekepala jer kita nih..salam perkenalan

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