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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Ayah Jie

To others this is a bicycle. Not to my Ayah Jie. This is not just a bicycle .This is Ayah Jie, his life, his everything. Ops!..Of course Auntie Yam is his everything, (Sorry Auntie Yam..nothing beats you).But next in his list is this bicycle.
Ayah jie started biking 2 years back. he started to ride around Ulu Langat and soon that area seems to be too familiar and he goes for something more challenging..like from his house in Kemensah Heights to Putra Jaya every weekends..Do I hear every weekends??
And Auntie Yam I salute both of you. Salute u more..Auntie Yam is a very strong lady, a loving wife that accompanys Ayah Jie everytime biking is on call...
I heard that the last time they came back to Kb, they cycled??You did? Wow! That was so amazing..
No thank you Ayah Jie,
Yesterday you invited me to join you and ur biking group..This time the word 'if you can't beat them, join them' is not relevant any more..Please, not me..How could I afford to? Look at your biking gears and look at your bike...Your bike cost more that the Kelisa I am driving to work everyday....Huhuhuhuhuu!!! I think I rather try jogging instead..
Frankly speaking Ayah Jie, it is not the biking around Msia that amazed me...but the way both of you spend your time together, having a good time and accepting the good and the worst in each other makes me proud to have both of you as my dear uncle and aunt. I wish both of u the best of luck and go on biking...Say hello to the people u meet on your way n don't forget to give them a big smile...for my sake, for Ning. This article is dedicted specially to Ayah Jie from Ning. Luv u both.

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wanisan said...

If u dont take care of yr health - nobody will.

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