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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Why am I sitting here now

-Sending,deleting n replying e-mails. (Bila rajin jer..)
-Enjoying whats on' You Tube' ( Really??)
-Trying to look like a computer nerd. ( Why the hell should I?)
- Publishing some rubbish to my blog. ( Cyber pollution)
-Disturbing some friends who is online now.(Tau awak ada...Invisible konon!)
-Looking at images that will keep me smiling all day. (Just wish it is not one of yours)
-Reading what people wrote on the net.( Boleh caya ke......ish!)
-Wasting my time (when I should really be doing something else)
-Avoiding some other things ( Sickening type of things, Homo Sapien for example..)

Last but not least, understanding that I am not the only weirdo staring at the silly screen right now...

You r too.



Mak Su said...

sounds like fun :D

sukrinah said...

This is life...a way to release stresssssss:)

Tok Ngah said...

Perli ehh ... what the heck, the keyboard keys aren't complaining.

hani@debumelukut said...

makan lada pedas la..kalau makan pizza, sedappppppp!!!

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