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Friday, May 6, 2011

Teringat zaman 'Nakal' ku...Ulang siaran lagi..

Friends are forever

My list of friends go way down to childhood friends.
So my friends,
I am going to call out your names one by one at random...
Knock.. Knock..

A Strong and hard headed gal..Have her own ways to make me agree with her even though I knew she was wrong..
Remember the day we went outing and you insisted on stopping at one more shop but I was so mad at you since we were late already??
The next day I was in tears when u told me your reason...
It was my birthday and you were looking for something to give me..
And the only shop that have that 'thing' is that particular shop...
And I scolded you for that!!
Sorry dear..

Ha ha ha..
I still laugh out loud when that incident crosses my mind..
We were so 'jahat' eh?
I can still remember the look on our faces when we saw the guests started to fill the room..
Can't believe myself that we did that...
Now whenever someone offers the 'laksa and laksam'...I smiled..

She was my friend during my college years..
We were known for our screams,shouts and forever giggling, for no obvious reasons..
Two young girls always having fun,trying new things..
Remember the April Fool joke we set on one of our dorm mate and make her cried the whole day..
We were laughing so hard that the warden from the nearby block came to our room and gave us lecture on how to be proper as ladies should be..
and how we stuffed our faces with pillows after she was gone cos we couldn't help but thought that her lecture was so ticklish..
We even imitated her..
Sooo sorry Puan Zaharah,God bless you.

Nik,Chah and Zie
We were absorbed in the disco era..
We went to the parties the youngsters did at that time...
I remember well when you wanted to go out with your boyfriend and your parents wouldn't let you to..
Since I have my way into your parents heart, I helped you out...
Oh boy! that movie was so boring that I slept through out.....

K,nab, Ha, La, Nun and late kak Pah
Hmm..That chicken smells good..
You know what I'm talking about...He he he..
The moral of the story is...'Do not break the rules cos you are being watched..'

Yati, Zahniyah Izzati and Tini
The Lawyer's house by the river was our hideout..
And on our way back home we stopped at the mart, parking our bicycles as we wished and ending up being collected by the authorities and we had to walk home..
Not to mentioned the spanking I got from my parents..

Muli and the gang
I had to give all sorts of reasons to my parents just to be with you gals..
My parents really thought that you all were the bad influenced that might polluted my mind..
and my parents were right! You all sure did,
but I thank you for the lessons I learnt from all of you.
Most of all, how to shout back at the silly boys that used to cross my path..
Now only I know the meanings of those words that you all told me to use then...I feel like killing you gals....

Where are you now...I miss you a lot.
I know how hard it was for you to go through all the disappointments in life and marriage.
But you don't have to shut yourself out.
I'm your friend remember?
You were the one that told me not to cry when my puppy love turned out to be a failure..
You said life goes on..
and see what happens to you now?

She is more a sister than a friend..
We were of the same age but she is the elders in her family and as I am the youngest in my family make me less matured than she was..
She was forgiving where as I was stubborn, still am.
She was always letting me have the last word and I was always accusing her for the mistakes that we did together..
She never said no and I never agreed with her suggestions..
We might be opposites but we were there for each other...always.
Even on my wedding day she came over, wiping my tears and told me everything will be alright....
Nor, you make a mistake here..

I knew her when I was in England..
We were so close since not many Malaysians were around..
We went shopping together in the winter chills and rolled in the leaves in Authum..
We paced the parks with our kids sharing the homesickness and the 'Hari Raya blues'..
We organised the open house and the luncheons..
Those were the days. .
The Sundays that we spent at the Bootsales around London, buying all the unnecessary stuff and I can't forget when your hubby came over to our house late at nite to help us bring our son to the hospital..
So how is Dato' Dr Azmi now??I heard he is the Pengarah Kesihatan now.
.Or should I address you as 'Datin"??

Those are a few old friends that I can never forget..For those that I did not mention here today, thousand apologies.
Thank you all for the Friendship..


Yunus Badawi said...

Membawa banyak kenangan bila teringat kawan2 lama ni kann?

Ada yg telah pergi meninggalkan kita buat selamanya mcm kakpah kawan awak tu.

Ibu n Abah said...

Assalam cikgu Hani...
kawan cikgu yang last tu isteri Dato Dr Azmi Shafie ke? Dulu Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Pulau Pinang? Isterinya orang Indonesia tp nice lady...

lina said...

Assalamualaikum Ma’am Hani Thank you visiting my humble blog. i like ur blog ma’am …..ur thought to ur friends during ur childhood time….

hani@debumelukut said...

walau ada yg dah bergelar arwah tapi kenangan bersama tu tetap di hati selamanya.

hani@debumelukut said...

Ibu dan Abah,
betul, dia lah kawan baik saya sewaktu kami di London dulu.lani dia di putrajaya dan baru2 ni dpt menantu..akak kenal dia ke?Ada photo dia kat n3 hani di bulan dis2010 kalau tak silap.

hani@debumelukut said...

tq. I hv lots of friends back then and they r still my friends now..old friends and new friends r priceless.

ahmad humairi said...


Yesterday....is for remembering.
Tomorrow.....is for dreaming.

Friendship forever.

hani@debumelukut said...

Ahmad Humairi,
today is tomorrow's history.

Che Mid said...

Salam kenal, fes taim singgah sini tapi akak dapat rasakan betapa hani mempunyai hati yang baik dan bersih. Buktinya, rakan dulu dan kini sentiasa setia dalam ingatan dan kenangan..

hani@debumelukut said...

Che Mid,
zaman muda2 dulu mmg byk kenangan pahit manis..bila di ingat2 semua nya jadi manis, tak pahit dah..

Kakzakie said...

Cikgu wah long list... hope kakak will be in the list for the next episodes. Hahaha.... in the dream cikgu....

lina said...

Thanks ma'am - i'm glad that i'm part of ur friends so that i could learn something one or two....so nice of you ma'am...

Citarasa Rinduan said...

pertama kali ayu singgah sini, tapi suka dgn cara kak hani meluahkan dalam entry..
so loveling
so touching

hope persahabatan kalian berkekalan

hani@debumelukut said...

InsyaAllah..who knows what will the future b.

hani@debumelukut said...

Learning is a never ending proses and i might learn something new from you too..

hani@debumelukut said...

Citarasa Rinduan,
tq for dropping by..

Ibu n Abah said...

salam cikgu...
saya tidak mengenalinya secara peribadi tetapi pernah dengar yang baik2 tentangnya kerana kebetulan suami saya dan suaminya sangat rapat dan kawan baik saya di Penang juga berkawan baik dengan beliau. Majlis resepsi anaknya baru2 ni saya dan suami turut hadir...

hani@debumelukut said...

Ibu dan Abah,
Betul tu..she is a very low profile person.Dia semacam kakak buat saya, sentiasa menasihati dan memahami.we turned to each other in bad times and spent good times together..yg paling Hani suka ialah they both husband n wife tak sombong dan menerima kami seadanya.Dato'is a kelantanese, infact rumah mak dia agak dekat juga lah dgn rumah hani.kecik dunia ni kan?

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