Tetamu yang sentiasa memeriahkan laman saya..TQ

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jangan berjauh hati

Kalau sudah intan
ke mana pun tertimbus
sinar nya tetap gemerlapan
Pergi yang diiringi

kedatangan yang bersambut
Terbuang jauh sekali
Sekadar menukar arah pandangan
kerana terlalu lama itu
bisa memancing

Kalau sudah mutiara
Di dasar lautan pun
di cari juga
Ini kan yang mewah budi
Selalu di kenang
Sentiasa di sayang
Hikmat dari Tuhan
ada dalam diam
Dalam dugaan yang
hadir sinar

Redha lah sayang
segalanya yang terbaik
menanti di depan
jangan sekali kali lupa,
sesungguhnya diri mu
tidak kemarau
kasih sayang..

Its not that easy

This is something someone said to me.
The process of healing only begins when you start forgiving the person that makes you hurt beyond words. The terrible heart pains, the regrets and the feeling of unappreciated will soon go away the minute you forgive and accept the facts that humans do make a mistake.
It will not be easy but take a small step each day trying to believe in yourself that you can forgive if you want to.
The only problem with you is you keep on telling yourself not to forgive and forget
After sometime the hurt develops into a huge pile of revenge.
This does not help you at all, it will only add up more pressure, stress, anger, rage and who will be most affected by those negative feelings?? YOU.
Choose to forgive although to forget takes more courage than ever..
You too make mistakes...so, please for your own good, just make an effort to let go of the burden you are carrying and life will be much happier.
God have mercy,
May God bless you.

You are absolutely right!!
It is easy for you to say that
You do not know what I've gone through
You are not in my shoes
You can't imagine how it is to be betrayed
to be rejected, to be unappreciated
You don't know how hard it is when the one you love most,
is the one that stabbed you from behind.
You do not have any idea how stressful it is
to be humiliated so inhumanly..
Yes, I need to mend my broken heart
Yes,I can forgive a thousand times
but to forget takes extra courage.
You are so right, people change.
I do too
God knows, I do, I do, I do..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bon Voyage

Someone is going home for a holiday...
Someone is going to be in the arms of luv ones..
Someone is going to have a nice time...
Someone is going to make everyone happy...
And there is another someone
missing a friend on the net..
That poor someone
is me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hati ibu

Iffah ok tak..?
Boleh handle things tak?
Sempat ikut jadual tak?
Boleh bangun pagi tak?
Berus gigi tak?
Solat cmna?
Belajar tak?
Berdikari tak?
Sihat tak?
Lapar tak?
Happy tak?
Homesick tak?
Nangis tak?

The fourth one...

Hari ni Iffah sah menjadi warga putri Sek Sri Puteri, Cyberjaya. Bermulalah kehidupan sebagai penghuni asrama. Tanyalah sapa pun yg pernah duk asrama, mesti ada pengalaman pahit manis yg akan di kenang sepanjang usia..
Mungkin hari ni pahit tapi bila di kenang2 tersenyum sendiri...
Iffah, today is the moment for u to start collecting experiences to be called 'memories'..

I am the captain of my ship

It's 3 am..I'm awake and hungry. Last nite no dinner for me because I was so tired and slept early.Reached Ampang late afternoon and sure is happy to be back to my second home.. The 6 hours driving is so tiring for an old body like mine..Although tired, if given a choice, rather be driving than sitting next to a reckless driver!
Now what should I do...Everybody is sleeping. The first thing I noticed as I entered the house last nite was the huge mess.The most eligible bachelor in town had turned this condo into a shipwreck! Since I was too tired I turned a blind eye n now it's the time to start playing my ever famous part-'The Bibik'. The sink is drowning and the dust is everywhere... The washing machine is asking for some mercy, the 4th load now. My son sure knows how to make a mum feels welcome..
Meanwhile may be I should correct my pupils test papers..May be no. Keep that for later. I have the next best thing to do now..Guess what, I am going to do what I don't have the chance to do for so long.......TENGOK TV.. Yes, Yes, Yes!...The remote control is mine, completely mine..No one will change the channel except me..and I got to choose my own favorite channel too..I am 100% in control of the set..Wah, sedap la boleh duduk the best seat u..Right in front of the TV dgn kopi and biskut Ping pong lagi..Shyyy!!! Let them sleep a little longer.... God, this is heaven!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cikgu penat la sayang..

Hari ni ke KL....Bukan bercuti tapi ada urusan. Kalau nak dikirakan beban tugas tu memang tak sepatutnya ambik cuti..Tau aje lah, minggu ni minggu ujian bulanan kat sekolah..Kertas ujian yang perlu di semak ada bertimbun.Hari Ahad nnti dah kena buat analisa. Pening mikirkan tugas.
Benggang sungguh laa, bila aku nak semak kertas ni..Balik nnti dah sabtu, penat driving tak habis lagi kena bersengkang mata semak kertas..Bukan satu kelas, 5 kelas lagi..Itu lah, dah pilih nak jadi cikgu..Hadapi jugalah..Tapi bila tengok kertas ujian dan markah yang diperolehi oleh murid ku nnti, segala penat lelah terbayar..seronok bila murid dapat jawap soalan dengan baik sekali gus menandakan mereka dapat memahami apa yang telah diajar..Itu lah ganjaran yang tak ternilai dengan wang ringgit...Bagi yang berpuluh kali di ajar masih tak faham2 jugak tu, Hanya Tuhan yang tahu frust nya hati seorang guru....Hmm, dah guna psikologi pun tak jadik, guna apa logi pun tak der hasil....guna cubitlogi laa kan....

Iffah rules

Iffah is over the clouds. I am not sure whether she is happy to be in the boarding school or is she happy because she will be getting a break from my nags n lectures..
One thing for sure..I'm gonna miss someone saying
"What's for breakfast/brunch/lunch/tea/dinner/supper.??"
I'm gonna miss saying " Don't you have something else on your mind except food? Look at you.. "
And she is going to reply "If someone should stop eating it should be you mum......Mummy kan nak diet??"
And I passed out ...

Monday, February 23, 2009

The sea is calling...

I have to go to the beach and be with the sea..
.So many things for me to share with the rolling waves..
So much tears inside waiting to be spilled..
Too much pain to be buried in the sands....
So, who is coming with me?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Please don't hate me...

I have so many things on my mind..Who haven't?? Sometimes I wish that I have two more extra hands n of course a bigger brain so that I can do the thinking much better..When it comes to deciding between two choices, then this is my worst fear. I always tend to choose the wrong choice. No matter how hard I tried, I'll end up regretting my decision...
Today its not about choices...its about what should I do when I promised someone something I myself am not sure about..This is really making me go crazy. I've been thinking over n over again..What have I done??Never did I intend to hurt anyone..May be I'm the victim of circumstances...So, tell me what should I do now...What What What??? I feel so trapped and unable to find any solution to this silly problem...
May be I should just tell the truth and apologise..Am I brave enough to do that? No, that will make me look like a fool..Right, I am a fool!
Where are you..I really need you now to help me go thru this uncomfortable time..at least just tell me that everything will be OK..and nobody is going to kill me...HuuHuHUuuu!!!

Dear XXX,
If u happened to be here and read what is written here then I wanted to say I am sorry.
I just can't keep my promise any longer coz it is killing me from the inside. I have to tell the truth, can't keep it a secret much longer..Sorry, I broke my promise. I think it is better for us to just tell her that and be there for her...always be there for moral support, always a friend in need..So, do you still want to kill me for breaking my promise? Kill me n you won't be able to eat your favorite ' steam chicken' any more..better think twice if I were you...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bukan buah kepayang

kalau orang tak pandang pun tidak apa,
kerana di mata mereka
kita mungkin tidak apa apa
Kalau orang tak sudi pun tidak apa
kerana di minda mereka budi kita
tidak ada harga nya
Kalau orang tak sayang pun tak apa
kerana di hati mereka
kita sudah tidak lagi
Hanya kita yang tahu
yang terpaksa di telan itu
begitu pahit dan memabukkan.
Kalau buah kepayang..
Dah lama kita buangkan
Tapi kehidupan dan realiti
harus di hadapi..

( Wan, tabah lah dan sentiasa ingat, setiap orang tidak lari dari masaalah..Hadapilah dengan sebaik mungkin kerana Tuhan tidak pernah menzalimi makluknya....)

Lets go...

Today is shopping day....Yes! Yes! Yes! Akhir2 bulan ni poket pun tak tebal mana so window shpping pun tak per...booking2 gitu...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Enaknya Nasi Kerabu Hitam

( dimasak
kebiruan )

limau purut,
bunga kantan,

Sambal kelapa
Air asam/sambal
bawang jeruk
telur asin
ikan salut tepung(goreng)
Daging bakar/Ayam bakar
Solok lada

Hampir semua orang kelate suka makan nasi Kerabu Hitam ni. I kurang suka sebab I lebih gemar yang warna kuning.Bezanya yang kuning tu ada kuah tumis yg pekat dan lemak. Sambal nya pun I suka yang pedas sikit..Bab lauk tu tau aje lah, mesti lumayan...Kalau ada ayam percik lagi la best.....Hmm..kalau yang payah nak dapatkan nasi ni..tengok gambar dan telan air lior saja..Tengok la berselera
sungguh kawan2 I yang sedang ngadap nasi tu...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

besdey Ms Yap Ai Hoon

Pas tu awak komplen kita gemuk. Awak kata kita kuat makan, Awak kata kita kalau tak jumpa nasi belauk tengok orang nampak gambar hitam putih je..lepas habis satu bungkus baru gambar colour, habis dua bungkus baru bunyi sound effect...Ni kek blueberry ni sapa nak makan ??? Akuuuu jugak laaa.....

Jasa mu dikenang

Bagi pihak anak ku, aku mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih atas baik budi cikgu2 yang telah mengajar anak ku dari mengenal huruf "A" hinggalah ketahap mendapat keputusan yang baik dalam UPSR. Ribuan maaf sekiranya sepanjang cikgu2 mendidik anak ku itu terdapat ketelanjuran dalam tutur kata atau pun dalam perbuatan dia yang mungkin telah mengguris hati cikgu2..Maaf sekali lagi.

Pulau pandan jauh ke tengah

Gunung daik bercabang tiga

Hancur badan di kandung tanah

Budi yang baik di kenang jua..

Selamat menjamu selera..

HUSM lagi

Semoga Zura, Roh, Ninie and Balqis tabah menghadapi ujian Tuhan.
Semoga Ma cepat sembuh.
Hanya Tuhan yang tahu perit getir liku liku hidup yang dihadapi oleh makhluknya.
Kita manusia hanya boleh menilai dari luar dan memberi seribu tanggapan tapi bahu yang memikul saja lah yang mengetahui berat nya beban duka di dalam..
Doa Kak Long untuk kalian...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hot seats...

With a few new staff coming in..there will surely be some changes..someone is going to be kicked out soon...Everyone is keeping their fingers cross.It might be me, it might be you.
Its kind of a lucky draw, or rather unlucky in this case I assumed. Who knows life might be better on the other side of the fence since the grass is greener too, always is!
If I am the one chosen to bid good bye to this old familiar place and familiar faces, i will take the challenges like a hero. I don't really mind at all. Anyway I've been too long here. Sometimes things get annoying when they get over familiar...boring that is. It will be just great no matter where I'll be posted to. I'll be optimist and enjoy the changes.
The only thing that bothers me is making new friends. I'm not good at making new friends, Of course I'll miss my old friends. I have a handful of very special people here..comfortable to be with and had lots of memories to cherish. Never mind, soon enough I'll manage..
Will today be the day?? Please, please dear God, just let it be somewhere nearby..Please not Gua Musang dah laaaaa....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Demam pantun

Kat sekolah demam pantun...pantun daerah lagi. Yang tak faham tu terganga la...Ada yang melucukan dan tak kurang yang penuh sindiran..

Batu pasir besi kerawat
Kalu tok sir, oyat..
Batu pasir wat umoh
Kalu tok sir, tok soh
Batu pasir wak melah
Kalu tok sir, bo bo lah
Batu pasir ado selori
Ambo pun tok sir...Sengoti!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Kalau lah kehidupan ini seperti sebuah pementasan..
Aku sudah tidak sabar untuk tirai panggung dilabuhkan....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cantik tak??

Hari ni
kita terima
tudung 'Munawwarah'..
Happy sungguh.
Dah lama
duk kenan
dengan tudung ni..
Terima kasih lah,
esuk kita mesti
gi tayang
kat member2
di sekolah..
.Tq, Tq, Tq..
Sayang awak laa.

Tak sah kalau tak ngumpat...

Puan A : Laaa... beg dia sebijik sama dengan u punya ..Ori ke tak..?

Puan B : Jap, nak perati brand dier ni..Tapi I punye darker kn..Sah imitation la tuh!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Siapa kalau bukan Dia

Sewaktu ku menangis, Dia yang menyapu tangisan ku..
Sewaktu ku kesepian,Dia menemani ku..
Sewaktu ku marah, Dia menyejukkan hati ku
Sewaktu ku kerisauan, Dia menenangkan hati ku

Bila ku memerlukan teman, Dia ada...
Bila ku kehilangan semangat, Dia mengembalikan nya
Bila ku tersungkur, Dia mengangkat ku untuk berdiri
Bila ku hanyut dan tenggelam, Dia pastikan aku kembali ke tepian

Semasa ku ketawa, Dia tersenyum memandang
Semasa ku bahagia, Dia tidak menjauh
Semasa hati ku berbunga, Dia bajai cinta ku
Semasa jiwa ku tenteram, Dia tetap ada ..

Dalam susah atau senang, Dia ada
Dalam duka atau riang, Dia sentiasa bersama

Jika hidup adalah yang terbaik untuk ku,
Aku pasti Dia panjangkan umur ku..
Tapi jika mati itu lebih baik bagi ku,
Aku rela saja Dia matikan aku..

Hanya Dia yang tahu segalanya.


Sedapla ikan sepat kampung goreng..Pertama kali makan ni. Selalu nya makan ikan sepat yang besar2 dari kedah tu..Ini lain, rangup dan tak masin...Kata bond, dia bagi tu untuk 2 servings tapi I hentam sekali makan jer.
Ada orang itu tak makan , ini tak makan, memilih! Pilih lah selagi ada pilihan...Kalau duk kat negara Afrika yg kebuluran tu baru tau..Usahkan ikan, tulang ikan pun belum tentu ada..I selalu lah bagi ceramah free kat anak2, makan jangan memilih sangat, jangan ngada2. Syukurlah nikmat yang Tuhan bagi..Selera makan pun satu nikmat..sekali Tuhan tarik balik permit selera kita, baru kita kurus kering.
Thank you Bonds, susah2 awak bawak ikan ni dari jauh untuk saya..Iingatan itu yang paling saya hargai. Terima kasih daun keladi...( Rosak diet saya...!!)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Kawan I kata kalau nak tau di hati sapa kita berada, kita buat test gini jer..Senang dan result nya cepat..Hantar SMS yang sama pada beberapa orang yang kita andaikan rapat dengan kita. SMS tu jangan lah yang pelik pelik..cukup satu ayat. Contoh nya..'Good morning' atau ' I lulus ujian'..Tunggu dan lihat, sapa yang paling dulu respond pada SMS kita tu menandakan kita sentiasa di hati orang tu laa. Kalau respond nya tu warm n need to know more about whats going on itu lebih baik..Ada jugak yang tak balas SMS tu tapi call terus. Ini kira markah bonus la ni..Tapi kalau dah nak dapatkan respond nya pun sehari suntuk menunggu, tak berbaloi langsung! Dia bukan tak ingatkan awak, memang sah awak ni dikedudukan tercorot dalam senarai orang2 yang dikenalinya..dalam senarai orang2 yang istimewa memang sah awak terkeluarlah tu..so, fham fham lah..jangan perasan lagi ..Ada juga yang lewat balas atas alasan buzy..betul lah tu, too buzy for you...
Ada yang lebih menyedihkan ialah yang tak say something at all..agaknya dia tak baca pun SMS awak tu.So, better erase the name from your mind.Dia pun dah lama nak get rid of u..tunggu masa jer tu.. I dah cuba dah,Dua tiga kali jugak lah I cuba hantar SMS yang sama pada orang2 yang berbeza dan result nya memang membuka mata I, orang yang sama lah yang paling dahulu respond walau pun SMS ni tu bukan penting nar, saja testing! Memang betul dan tepat.Terima Kasih lah kawan ku yang bagi tips ni..Kalau tak sampai sekarang lah I silap tafsir..At least now I know who I can turn to in needy times..Kawan ketawa ramai tapi kawan menangis tu tak semua boleh di harapkan..I know I can call or SMS or whatever, whenever I feel like doing so because dia memang sentiasa ada untuk I dan I akan pastikan yangI pun sentiasa ada untuk dia..Itu lah persahabatan yang sejati nama nya...Thank you...

TQ God

It has been a very tiring week for me..physically n mentally tired!! Now things are getting much better and I thank God for it.Always bearing in mind that God have His way in telling me that he is there for me..This is just a test to make me stronger. ..Thank you God!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is my life..

I am alone
I have always been
Today I am alone
loneliness is
with me..
I feel so deserted
so lonely
sailing by myself
nothing but
the ocean and me
Please tell me
that I am not
drifting alone.
Please tell me that soneone still cares...
Please tell me that someone still thinks of me
Please tell me that loneliness is not forever..
I am on my own as always..
But tomorrow I don't know whether I can still be strong enough to be that way.
I think I am sinking little by little...
And loneliness is killing me....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wad 7 Selatan

I sit here, in this familiar place. Looking back at those memories, down the narrow corridors where once upon a time I used to cry my heart out, totally depending on God's miracle to give you a second chance in life..I was so afraid of losing you. So afraid to be alone. And God answered my prayers..
And now, here I am again..the same place, the same familiar smell and familiar faces..but the feeling inside is not the same anymore.. Why do people do things to hurt others? Why do people always forget to remember that hearts are like crystals..Once broken, you can never make it right again...Never.
Looking at you laying there sick n helpless.. I traveled down the memory lane over and over again. I am taking care of you now just like before, still trying to make you feel better, still giving you the moral supports, still praying for your health and still doing everything possible to make you comfortable..Do you ever try to notice? Try at least once...
Here I am, full of tears but with the different reasons...
God, now I know, You took him away from me the last time I was here..Look at me now, standing in this corner, alone n lonely...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kursus LDP

Kursus LDP pagi ni kat sekolah..Waaa boring giler, dah tau akan boring cam ni thats why I dah siap bekalan secukupnya..asam boi, biskut dan gossip2 terkini untuk di kongsi sebagai ubat untuk kurangkan mengantuk..Ini baru slot pertama, mata dah berat ni..agaknya silap penceramah yang tak tau buat class lively kut??
Camtu lah kita cikgu kat dalam kelas pun..Kalau murid2 asyik nak kuar ke toilet ke, nak tajamkan pencil ke, nak itu nak ini..adalah tu silap kita sebagai guru..dengan lain perkataan, pengajaran kita tu membosankan..lagi tepat, kita guru yang membosankan!!
Pas tu nak buat camna? Berubah lah cikgu..biar ada 'anjakan paradigma' gitu..itu kata GB I laa..Tak gitu kekawan ku yang disayangi?? sebut GB semua senyum panjang..apa? betul apa? Ke ada orang nak repot aku ngumpat GB nih?? repot la, tak takut pun....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Serve u right

Can you
the KFC guy?
hik hik hik
I'm goin to burst
Who started this joke?
Thank you.....

I laugh out loud. so did everybody else. My God it is so true...Where did u guys get the idea on the first place?? This surely is the joke of the year...shyyyy!!!!!!! Let it be our secret k..and kids, put it this way, 'Colonal Sanders' is fine comparing to 'Ronald McDonald..hehehe..I still can't get over with the idea..sure is...sure is!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minah2 dari Bandung

Amboi, sebijik macam yang import dari seberang nih...bukan bibik lah, tapi mirip ibu ibu dari daerah yang terkenal dengan kelembutan wanita dan adat budaya nya...
Mirip saja tau, jangan perasan pulak...kalau dah cetak rompak tu tak kan sama kualiti dengan yang ori...tapi I salute la u all ni, memang ada saja modal nak buat kejutan untuk menceriakan suasana..
3 bulan lagi I join u all pakai kebaya k..la ni tak leh la, maklumlah I ni kan macam lagu Saloma tu...Pandang lah lihat lah...Tiru macam saya...

Aktiviti hujung minggu



Khamis is the best day of the week...The last working day of the week. Its always nice to think of Friday coming soon..Friday is 'Do what you like' day. One thing for sure, tomorrow I am going to Rantau Panjang with my sister who came back from KL a few days ago..Dia ni tak sah kalau tak gi jejak kaki kat rantau panjang, sekejap pun jadi lah...Yang masaalah nya, kalau I yang acompany dia tu, I yang lebih2 shopping nnti!!Itu lah yang selalu terjadi. I ni bab Rantau Panjang tu bukan suka sangat..panas, packed with people and tiring. Bukan dekat, nak 1 jam jugak.Heran lah kenapa orang macam my sister ni boleh addicted dengan shopping kat sana...Kata orang, penduduk kat kawasan tu ganas ganas, maksud I yang orang kelantan kata 'GEDEBER' Segala benda diselesaikan dengan pistol or parang.Tapi I rasa itu atas individu, duk di mana pun kalau yang samseng tu tetap samseng..kalau yang baik hati tu memang tetap baik hati.I ada kenalan kat Rantau Panjang yang baik hati, peramah,rajin dan a good samaritan la kira nya...Thats a living prove! So conclusion nya, if my sister tu addicted dgn pekan Rantau Panjang, I am addicted to 'orang Rantau Panjang'...Boleh ke gitu??

Aduh Mak Sakit Nya....

tak tahan
yang di beli di tepi jalan..Tau, memang sumer orang cakap 'Etok' tu tak baik untuk kesihatan tapi dah lama tak menikmati keenakan rasa nya,I pun belilah sebungkus dua hari lepas. time makan tu ok lagi...The day after mula berulang alik ke tandas..perut meragam..pas tu tambah menjadi jadi..memulas dan muntah muntah. Malam semalam tak tidor sampai pagi..sakit perut sampai berpeluh peluh..terus ke klinik.Dapat lah MC..(.hehehe.This is the best part). Dah mc tu duk lah kat umah...relax nonton TV and tido. Tapi heran ek, dah tak makan and sakit2 cam ni pun..body maintain jer.tak turun2 jugak timbangan!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kerenah anak

Pening ..Pening..Apa apa aje lah anak ku ni...semalam sakit kepala, tak gi sekolah..hari ni sakit apa pulak ni..tido dari awal malam lagi..bangun je cakap tak nak gi sekolah esuk.Apa kena ni..Ikut geram ku nak saja aku ketuk kepala tu..kalau kecik2 aku dah bagi rotan dah..ini dah sekolah menengah. geram sungguh!
Bila di soal siasat ala CIA gitu, dia kata dia kena bully sebab pelajar baru..Bully? Tak caya aku. Look at her, body besar boleh tahan, tomboy lagi..orang tengok pun takut..sapa berani bully??kalau dia bully orang lebih munasabah..dah la sekolah semua girls, pas tu sekolah yang terkenal dengan pelajar yang sopan dan berdisiplin...Ini mesti anak ku yang buat cerita nih..
Itulah, hanya orang yang ramai anak macam aku ni lah yang memahami betapa perit nya nak membesarkan anak2..berbagai ragam! Walau senak otak camana pun, tetap syukur kerana dianugerahkan cahayamata...Namun tidak dinafikan, susah sungguh menjaga amanah dari Tuhan ni..Selagi Tuhan masih meletakakn amanah ini di bahu ku selagi itu lah aku akan berusaha sebaik mungkin...Quantiti tak penting, qualiti yang mesti di ambik kira..kalau dapat quantiti dan qualiti itu kira bonus laa...tak gitu mak2 dan bapak2???


The greatest pain in life is not to die, but to be ignored.
To lose the person you love so much to another who doesn't care at all.
To have people think that you don't care.
The greatest pain in life, is not to die, but to be forgotten.
To be left in the dust after another's great achievement.
To never get a call from a friend, just saying "hi".
When you show someone your innermost thoughts and they laugh in your face.
For friends to always be too busy to console you when you need someone to lift your spirits.
When it seems like the only person who cares about you, is you.
Life is full of pain, but does it ever get better?
Will people ever care about each other, and make time for those who are in need?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aku sudah tidak layak di situ...

Kau menarik ku keluar dari daerah cinta mu
tidakkah kau lihat tangisan di hati ku
Tidak ada kah belas di hati mu
melihat aku terluka begitu
Walau hati yang meronta ronta
tidak rela
Kau tetap dengan keputusan mu
Pintu hati mu telah kau buka luas
Dan kau mengusir ku dari situ
Aku terpandang benci di mata mu
Jemu yang telah terkumpul
entah dari bila dan mengapa
Memang sudah tertulis begini
Aku layaknya hanya berada di pintu
mengintai ruang untuk ku kembali
menumpang sejuk syahdu kasih mu
bagai dulu..
Tapi biarlah
Walau ku dipersilakan bertamu lagi
Aku tidak mungkin menjejakkan kaki lagi
Kerana sedia maklum
Kekurangan ku akan sekali lagi
menjadikan aku tidak pantas
untuk cuba bertapak
dihati mu..
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