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Monday, November 2, 2009

Distance is not a problem..for Sheila's sake.

We are going to pay our last respect to the late 'Abah' today.
Yam,Rose,Zini,K.Mah.Syam and I.
Thank you Boss for letting us out of the school gate earlier then usual.
Yes Boss, of course I will drive with extra care like u told me to.
No Boss, we will not waste our time by searching high n low for the 'Ikan pekasam Tasik Raban'.
That will be some other time..Kan Kak mah kan, r u listening??
The journey will be more or less 8 hours to and fro.
Sapa mabuk, please makan ubat k.
Sapa nak gi toilet, go now before I step on the paddle.
Quite tiring I guess but for the sake of Sheila, this is the least that we can do..
Sheila, we will be there... InsyaAllah.
And please Rose and Yam, stop crying..
We will be there to give our moral supports, to share our strength, not trying to make Sheila crumble with tears...
Promise me u all will show a brave front and at least try to hide those floody eyes..
I don't trust Rose anyway. Neng Yatimah tu.
Syam will u stay awake and be my co pilot?
Zini, stop telling me to watch everything that moves k..Tinggal awak tepi jalan kang!
So buckle up ladies,
be comfortable..
The pilot is in the cockpit
Will be 'kenyang' la hari nih,
Food/bekalan is all over the place..penuh kereta
and Lenggong here we come....Brooooommmmmmmmm.....

( God, Bless us, may we have a fine and smooth journey and be home safe and sound. Our steps begin with BISMILLAHI TAWAKKAL TUALALLOH, LA HAU LA WALA KUWWATAILLAH BILAH,HILAZIM,BILAZIM.....)

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Unknown said...

..salam cikgu..semoga perjalanan itu dilindungi..

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