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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Guillemard bridge

This is one of the oldest railway bridge in Malaysia. Being built nearly 100 years ago or to be precise 94 years ago, this bridge is timeless.

Long time ago people used to cross this bridge by car to go to the other side of the river since there was no other roads connecting these two towns.Can you imagine croosing the railway track in a car? The bumpy tracks is one thing, look at the height. This is so so high above water.So frightening.

 Well, yesterday I revisit this bridge. No one was around and I dont know when was the train coming..So I make a stupid decision. Posing right on the track! What if the train passes by at that time? I dont want to think about that,it gives me chills. But anyway the photos turns out to be perfect. Love it! 

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