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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cupcakes for tea anyone?

They are making some muffins today.
Anis choose to make 'Chocolate Muffins' but Iffah insisted in making 'Strawberry n Vanilla' ones.

Half the kitchen is in havoc when two 'Chefs in the making' get busy with their little fingers..At last, these are the hot and mouth watering muffins made by them.

As to make them happy(Although I am in my 3 month diet programme) I take a bite at their Cupcakes/Muffins. Wow! Unbelievably soft n just perfect!

My darlings, one day the two of you will be a good cook..At least for your love ones.Just remember to cook with love and it will be just perfect...


Anonymous said...

pandainya..leh makan ni..

Anonymous said...

wehh!!!CK Z pun buat kek gak,try resepi baru.sdkit manis.9 jan balik PC lagi.Tolong hantar sikit muffin anis.

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