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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Give me an answer...

1. Where were you yesterday?
-At home
2. Where would you rather be?
-On an island, alone
3. Who is the person on your mind now
4. Why?
-because that someone is making me crazy
5. If given the chance will you fall in love with the same man/women again?
-Never with capital'N'
6. Do you let people you like know that you like them?
-Of course..
7. Who is the last person u talk to?
-Anis my daughter
8. What did he/she say?
-Tak nak mandi..sejuk!!
9. Do you want to change your name n why?
-Sure...because this name is giving me trouble
10. Do you want to be somebody else? who?
- yup....The next queen of England
11. Where are you going after reading this?
-to the bathroom n force Anis to shower.
12. What have u got to say for yourself?
-I am sick of pretending to be happy
13. What do you want to say to others?
-Stop taking me for granted.
14. When is the last time you get real angry?
-Just now
15. What did you say or do?
-Pgi mandi cepat!!Wait till I get u..Do u hear me Anis Qistina..
16. Will you say that again?
17. - I'm saying it again now n again n again..
18. Do you have regrets in your life?
-Yes, one greatest regret
19. what??
-Sorry....Biarlah rahsia...

So, you my dearest friends...don't you wish to answer my questions too? you are welcome n go ahead...shoot!

1 comment:

Ieda J said...

akak...kite jawab soalan nih bole x???

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